Kitchensurfing is a new service for finding talented chefs all over the world. Members of the Kitchensurfing community are finding chefs for all sorts of things: to learn about new cultures through food, to do healthy lunches for their kids, to provide good nourishment for their offices, or just to have a great dinner or brunch with friends.

What happened to This Batch?

The team that was working on This Batch has transitioned to working on Kitchensurfing full time. We loved This Batch and it worked, but there was no way for us to support our staff without getting into the physical logistics of shipping perishable produce. We still care about food and sourcing and we think that by giving chefs and consumers a way to get together, we can still make great changes in the sourcing of food.

If you're interested in services hooking people up with local produce, please check out our friends: Plovgh, Good Eggs, and Farmigo.

What was This Batch?

This Batch was a new spin on Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) that was launched in the Spring of 2011 with the opening of Rucola, a restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. If you want more information, you can read an interview in Food Tech Connect with Chris Muscarella about the project.

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